Great people, hard work and excellent service,
this is what we do best!

Louise Forsyth Personal Division

We are passionate about our business
and our clients

Albert Makwala Claims Division

Providing value to our clients by
committing ourselves to their needs

Lloyd Barker Personal Division

We pride ourselves on Personal Service by meeting with all our clients to build and strengthen relationships via “Eyeballs & Handshakes"

Sally Barker Personal Division

Latest News

Annual Policy Review 2016

10 October 2016

Our special relationship with you motivates and inspires us to keep improving our service levels. We are passionate about our business, our families at home, at the office and very importantly you and your family. By working together we will certainly achieve more and have some fun along the way.

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The Barker Cash Back Bonus is our incentive-based programme that rewards you for managing your risk. Click to see if you're eligible to claim.

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